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Medication Management Experts

We take an active role in resident health, care team education, and medication system quality and efficiency.

CareRx pharmacists integrate into your care team. We develop medication processes and build action plans for improvement, all within the context of how you work.

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Quality Systems and
Actionable Analytics

We perform benchmarking and trend analysis of medication use and incidents to create action plans for continuous quality improvement, better health outcomes, and care improvement.


Clinical Pharmacist

Our Clinical Pharmacists continuously monitor medication safety and resident outcomes and provide expertise from navigating regulatory compliance to everyday medication safety.



Each home is unique. We provide guidance and education tailored to individual health conditions and working environments. We provide support with best practices, compliance, and accreditation standards.

Robust Tools

Robust Tools and Technology Support

CareRx offers a wide variety of technology and program solutions to create efficiencies, enhance compliance, and manage risk.

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We find the eMAR platform that integrates best with your policies and workflows. Our team of experts provides implementation and staff training of all programs and technologies.

Digital Prescriptions


Computerized physician order entry solutions (CPOE) that minimize paper work burden and optimize prescription safety and efficiency.



Secure online access to up-to-date pharmacy training and resources. Home administrators and management have access to reports and auditing to measure quality and performance of the medication management program.



BOOMR (Better Coordinated Cross-Sectoral Medication Reconciliation) is a pioneering pharmacist-led medication reconciliation initiative developed and used exclusively by CareRx to deliver positive change in long-term care transitions.


Strengthening Your Team

CareRx supports your team at every point of a resident’s medication experience, including medical cannabis. We help fill gaps in knowledge, service, and tools so your care team can do what they do best.

Staff training


Grow the knowledge and skills of your staff and residents. Our clinical team delivers engaging on-site and online education on hundreds of health topics for regulated and unregulated care teams.

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Billing Team

We manage invoicing and billing for each resident’s medication needs. We provide simplified processes and find cost effective medication coverage strategies.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy
and Compounding

We provide medication and supplies for in-home infusions. We also formulate preparations that may not be commercially available: specialized topicals, hard-to-flavour liquids, non-human formulations, and hypoallergenic preparations.

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We provide a full range of incontinence and health care products at competitive pricing. Continence care and education are also available.


How can we support your team?

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